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Robot Baby Snuggle Bundle - Robot Baby Blanket, Plushie & Storybook

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Bundle up with Baby Robot.

Looking for the perfect 'first blankie' for your little or maybe the perfect baby shower gift for a friend? Look no further <3.

Our Robot Perfect Blankie Bundle includes:

 Robot Blankie
Robot Bedtime Storybook
✨ Baby Robot
 Robot Buddie Birth Certificate

A few features:

✨ Ultra soft and snuggly
✨ Premium minky material
✨ Play-proof (machine wash/tumble dry)
One-of-a-kind Robot Cuddle Gear Bundle 🤖


A HuggaBuddies original creation, crafted from premium minky dot and designed with love, this lightweight Robot baby blanket is unlike any blankie you've ever snuggled up in! As part of the Robot Perfect Blankie Bundle, this Robot Baby Blanket, Book & Buddie allow for a unique and special bond between your child and their first Blankie 💖.

And as with all HuggaBuddies creations, Blankies & Buddies are crafted to be loved for a lifetime 💫.  


Trust me. Or ask your kids! You'll get the same answer from both of us 🤷🏽‍♀️. 

Every kid needs their "blankie." And every kid needs to be able to bring that "blankie" everywhere. You just found the perfect answer.

Enjoy sweeter snuggles, make story time more magical and bring Robot to life with this HuggaBuddies Robot Perfect Blankie Bundle 🤖.


Our Robot Perfect Blankie Bundle provides a unique sense of security and companionship to kids of all ages. Need something to wrap your sweet baby up in for ultra-soft and snuggly loves? Or how about something they can bring for added comfort on the road? Whether at home or on the move, the HuggaBuddies Blankie & Buddie combo is truly the perfect solution for the cuddliest and most convenient comfort for your kids at any stage.


Foster creativity with Robot! Imagination is a powerful tool that can help children navigate the complexities of life. The interactive nature of our HuggaBuddies Blankies (and Bundles) make them perfect for snuggling AND playing. Our distinctive set of Robot comfort toys is thoughtfully designed to come together and open up unique worlds of Robot play and imagination.


When paired with their storybooks, HuggaBuddies are a friend with a message. Robot loves helping others and reinforces that character trait through word and example in "When You Meet a Robot at Bedtime..."


The parent-child bond immensely impacts a child’s development and HuggaBuddies is here to help. Investing in a love-filled home through family-bonding activities (a more interactive playtime, sweeter snuggles, a nightly bedtime story routine, etc.) is an investment in your child’s present and future. HuggaBuddies give you new special ways to bond with your child as they bond with their Buddie.


Looking for the perfect gift for baby shower gift? There's nothing like a HuggaBuddies Robot Blankie!…go check, I’ll wait. Plus, I’ll give you a 100%-WILL-HAVE-FUN guarantee. HuggaBuddies are, kid-confirmed, "THE BEST GIFT EVER."


For every Robot Perfect Blankie Bundle you buy, a Robot Buddie or Blankie is donated to a child in need <3.

When you meet a robot at bedtime...
You think, “This is so cool!”
Not only is he your new friend,
He’s a pretty useful tool.
He’ll help you get your chores done
And get things down off the shelf.
He doesn’t mind to do the work
That you don’t want to do yourself.
He teaches you that helping out
Makes others happy too.
So tomorrow you will help someone
Like Robot now helps you. ✨

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Robot is designed to...